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How long have you been in business?
Amano Concrete Company was started in 2011. The owner’s entry to the residential concrete field was in 2000 through a similar type family business.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes! All documentation can be provided upon request.

What type of jobs are your specialty?
We specialize in all residential removal and replacement. Mainly driveways but also patios, walkways, garage floors, porches, shed slabs and steps. We also specialize in some commercial work including parking lot repairs and sidewalk repair programs.

Is the owner on site?
Yes! You will see the owner on the site 99.9% of the time. This makes communication easy for both party’s and this also ensures the projects are being run as smooth and proper as they can be. We do not have sales people or subcontractors. Its direct with the owner the entire process.

How long does a typical job take to complete?
Most of our residential jobs range from 1-3 days. We have a full expert staff and more equipment than most to keep your project moving as quickly as it can be.

What mix do you use?
We use a 4000 PSI mix that’s air entrained for exterior conditions (also known as exterior 6 bag). We’ll use a higher PSI mix in cooler weather along with a variety of accelerants to ensure your project gets the proper cure.

How long is your season?
We generally start production in early April and end in late November. Weather permitting. We quote all year round, though.

How thick do you pour?
It depends on application but in general, private property residential work is 4” thick. The city easement (approach and sidewalk) is 6” thick. We do offer thicker options for special needs of performance but never do anything less than 4” thick. Commercial work starts at 6” thick and goes up from there.

What type of base do you use?
We use a compacted 21AA crushed concrete gravel aggregate. Our quoted price includes as much gravel as needed to ensure a proper and everlasting base. Sand will be used in the rare event of 21AA not being available.

Do you pull the permits?
Yes! We always pull all the permits and the prices of them are always additional to your total quoted price unless otherwise stated. Steer clear of contractors trying to get out of pulling a permit. Its usually a strong indicator that they’re not licensed or insured.

Do you pull the permits?
Yes! We always pull all the permits and the prices of them are always additional to your total quoted price unless otherwise stated. Steer clear of contractors trying to get out of pulling a permit. Its usually a strong indicator that they’re not licensed or insured.

What type of control joints are used?
We use many different combinations of control joints but we mainly saw cut everything a day or two afterwards. We place expansion papers where needed in 4” and 2” depths and we tool joint majority of the sidewalks we pour. We have seen many jobs over the years fail (not our work) because of improper joint placements. We take pride in knowing where and how pressure points happen and we take every step possible to place joints in these locations.

How soon can I walk/drive on newly poured concrete?
Everything we do is generally walkable the next morning of being poured and depending on what time of the year it is, its drivable anywhere from 7-14 days.

Is there a warranty on the work?
We do not offer anything in writing but we do encourage everyone to research us as deep as they can! Finding bad press will be tough. If there is something we can do, we will. We realize you’re spending your hard-earned money with us and we will do whatever we can to make things right. With that being said, we have been doing these jobs for many years and have learned what works and what does not as far as installs go. We take many extra steps on every project to ensure its built to last and it will be a worry free investment for you.

Do you offer sprinkler work?
We carry the basic parts to replace a damaged line or head but anything beyond that won’t be covered. We try our best to minimize any unnecessary projects for you after we’re done but extensive sprinkler work is not included.

Is metal reinforcement worth the extra cost?
In our honest opinion, YES! The job will be built to last without metal reinforcement but in the event of ground movement, heavy vehicles and/or heaving due to ice or tree roots… metal will keep the joints together and add overall strength to the slab. We like to look at it as insurance… you’ll likely never need it but if you do, you’ll appreciate it being in there.

What if wet leaf’s stain my new concrete in fall?
Its ok, we get this call often once fall comes around and the leaves stain your bright new white concrete. It will all go away on its own. By spring, it’ll be bright white again.

Do you offer references?
Yes! Every hand written quote is accompanied by a long list of addresses that you can check out. You will find both new and old on this list. We do ask, however, that you give property owners their privacy and do not solicit them in any way.
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Do you recommend salt during the winter?
No. Not in any form. The reason most people use salt is due to pitch issues caused by old and uneven concrete. Your new concrete will be flat and pitched properly so there should not be many opportunities for water to be sitting anywhere.

My concrete has oil/grease stains. How can I get rid of them?
You’ll find many commercial products are available in paint/hardware home centers but STEER CLEAR of products that contain any type of acid. Some labels will be misleading and are intended for surface prep for overlay applications. These will ruin your surface! Try these solutions: -Scrub stain with concentrated detergent using a stiff brush. Rinse well with water. Dry and repeat if necessary. -Sprinkle dishwasher detergent on wet concrete. Let it stand a few minutes, then pour boiling water on the area. Scrub and rinse. -Dissolve a cup tri-sodium phosphate in 1 gallon of hot water. Pour over stained concrete surface and allow soaking for 25 minutes. Scrub with stiff brush or broom. Rinse with clean water. Repeat if necessary.

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